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The Infinite Scribble is many things, but it is not exclusive. It is free and open for everyone to mint. The catch? It only stays open as long as people continue to mint. Each mint, except mine, extends the close time out two weeks.

"I cannot wait for my children's children to mint their first Infinite Scribble"

This was what one minter said on the day I launched it, and it captured perfectly my hopes for this project.

Since then,

I created Infinite Scribble as partly an experiment in mechanics. My previous two works, Waves and Flow were in the familiar format of most collections at the time, released with a set price and supply, written in JavaScript with the code stored on chain.

Also, many projects tended to have attention on release date, and then none. People shifted their attention onto other things. In part, this is a reflection of everyone's limited attention, but it also reflected that most projects were somewhat static in this way.

I was curious to try a different approach.

At the same time, Ambition and I had planned to collaborate on "Us", which would be released after The Worm reached 1000 Disciples. Rather than using JavaScript, The Worm creates the artwork directly from the smart contract using Solidity, meaning even the thumbnails that you see on marketplaces are generated directly from Ethereum with no dependency on anyone.

This was the perfect time to try a fully on chain project with a different mechanic, and so, Infinite Scribble was born.


Each piece is ones one set of doodling instructions which fill sections of the frame and may do so in multiple layers. The palettes are generative and use bright, high saturation colors. The pieces then feature a variety of effects that can alter the shape or style the line.

Here are some examples of the range of line thickness.

Lines can also vary in length, from the shortest being dots, to long ones.

They can be rendered smoothly or jagged.

And they can have different effects which are a combination of the line style and line finish. Here are some examples:

There's much more to the collection, I'll leave the rest for you to explore.


Infinite Scribble's minting page offers a very simple layout, a side scroll where the most recent mints appear in order an and with the mint countdown and form on the right. It's a play on the "infinite scroll" that we're used to seeing on many websites. As you scroll back you can see all the previous mints. It does, however, eventually reach the first mint if you scroll all the way back (and if your browser can handle it).

I did this for the one-year anniversary of the project, and may attempt it again in the future. You can see the full video on Twitter, it takes about 5 minutes.

Aspect Ratios

The pieces can be minted at any aspect ratio from 3:1 (banner width) to 1:3 (tall). The website makes a few common aspect ratios available but for those bold enough to try, other aspect ratios can be minted as well. The art is also designed so that the pieces can be regenerated at multiple aspect ratios, and updated on chain to reflect that.

For example, here is #46 originally generated as a portrait.

The same piece, if regenerated as banner, would look like this:

Similarly, here are square and landscape versions:

You can preview other aspect ratios for any piece by clicking on it from "Your Collection" and using the dropdown on the top right. Alternatively, you can click on any of the most recent mints from the minting page. It will require a connection to Ethereum as that's where the art is generated.

Mint Cost

While Infinite Scribble is free to mint, gas also contributes to the cost of minting. With that in mind, it is designed to be very gas efficient.

As of Jan 25, 2024, 3891 mints had cost a total of 6.612 ETH, or $14,692 (using ETH/$ at the time of each mint). This comes out to about $3.78/mint.

There were some mints that I did as a batch as a thank you to holders of Waves and Flow on launch day, and we had a holiday "mint one, gift one" once. These will have slightly lower in gas cost per mint because there are multiple mints sharing one Ethereum transaction base fee. Excluding these transactions, the average is about $3.99/mint.

Fun fact: if you mint at the same aspect ratio as the previous mint, it is slightly cheaper as the contract doesn't store repeating information.

Thank you

If you got this far, thanks for showing interest! Please consider helping to keep the project open for others to mint in the future.