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Hi, I'm minimizer. I love generative art, and I share my work with the world here.

Infinite Scribble

Free to mint and available to everyone, Infinite Scribble will stay open as long as someone mints within two weeks! I hope it helps to spread the joy of generative art.


In collaboration with Ambition, "Us" is a blessing from The Worm to the first 1000 Disciples. May 2023.

Scribbled Daydreams

An exploration of unsupervised doodling, Scribbled Daydreams launched on Plottables. March 2023.

Waves and Flow

My first two projects Waves and Flow are closing on June 15th, 2023, 5pm EST. If you mint a Wave, you can mint a Flow for free!

They are animated and interactive, and you can learn more about each on its page.

For these projects, I have an experimental exhibit feature that lets you bring up your pieces in a big screen and use your phone as a remote control. I'm hoping future NFT displays will incorporate this type of feature. Try this by going to "Your Collection" at the top and then to "Create Interactive Exhibit". You can try it for the full collection for Waves or Flow.

This website itself is really fun to build, and I keep improving it when I take a break from art.

If you like what I do, let's connect on Twitter or Discord.