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Shapes perpetually move past each other as they distort, disappear and reappear to create an effect similar to clouds in the sky or the activity in a bustling city. My second generative project delves deeper into themes from Waves such as fluid motion and generative palettes.

It's interactive: try 'm' for metadata, 1-5 to toggle layers, left/right to vary shape speed, up/down to vary rotational speed, 'p' to pause, 'c' to capture, 'f' for fullscreen, and 'a' for an alternative linear view. It works with the exhibit feature so you can also try it on a large display.

Dig Deeper

This long-form artwork comes with a long-form writeup which covers the algorithm, palettes and all the features included. I really enjoyed putting it together so hopefully you like reading it.

The Tech

Flow is implemented using only Javascript and no external libraries. Like Waves, the smart contract (flow.minimizer.eth) can be frozen once minting is complete and all assets are archived, and will be fully immutable after that.