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Flow is my second generative project, building upon Waves and continuing to explore themes such as fluid motion and generative palettes. Each piece portrays continuous motion with elements moving, disappearing, and reappearing like clouds in the sky or vehicles and people in a city. The name 'Flow' comes from this continuous motion as well as the use of flow fields, which are used to shape the underlying grid the pieces move on.

I have a writeup which covers the algorithm, palettes and all the features included.

Flow #0

Each piece is interactive: you can vary speed with left/right, and rotation speed with up/down, and 'p' will toggle between pause and play. Layers can be toggled with 1-5. The metadata for each piece is viewable in the piece with 'm'. Additionally there is alternative view, turning off the flow field, that can be shown with 'a'. These menus are also available with the mouse.

Flow, like Waves works with my experimental exhibit feature. This is software for a prototype interactive display, allowing a piece or collection to be displayed on a large screen, and providing viewers with the ability to interact with the pieces using their smart phones via a QR code.

The full collection is browseable here.

The Tech

Flow is implemented using only JavaScript and no external libraries. Like Waves, the smart contract (flow.minimizer.eth) can be frozen once minting is complete and all assets are archived, and will be fully immutable after that.