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This tool was provided to collectors during the release of the project. It allows you to see all the possible palette options for a given piece.

It is no longer functional. Rather, I've left it here for you to explore and understand how the project came together. If you find something interesting, please share :)

Your Scribble Together piece gets a palette randomly assigned during mint.

For a limited time, you can change your palette! This is free (+gas) and your choice determines the proceeds of your piece. For pieces which keep their original palette, all palette creators share equally in the palette proceeds. For pieces that have their palette overridden, that creator gets all the proceeds.

There are 31 possible palettes for Scribble Together, as palette artists were able to make multiple. However for each piece, only one palette per artist is available so there will always be 20 options to choose from. Why? To make it equal chances for each artist :)

You can record your selection on chain here, and the artwork will be updated to reflect that once the selection period concludes.