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Algorithmic Generative Art

Hi, I'm minimizer. I make code-based generative art.

I enjoy digging deep to understand technologies and techniques at their core, to explore what can be created from a few simple ideas. Some of these concepts include generative palettes and line-based drawing.

I'm also interested in smart contracts and mechanics, and many of my projects have been self-published on Ethereum, and some produce the art directly from the contract using Solidity, without JavaScript.

These interests have also brought me to my current love affair with SVG, as it is resolution agnostic, can be plotted, and can be very lightweight. This makes it versatile for a range of projects such as my most recent ones.

My long-running experiment, Infinite Scribble, is open to mint: Mint


Scribble Together

June 2024, Edition of 435 via Plottables and Art Blocks Engine

Continuing my exploration of scribbling and plotted works, Scribble Together is a collaborative experiment: I created a scribbling algorithm but left the choice of colors to 20 friends and artists who created 31 palettes for the project. Further, collectors were able to switch their palettes and did so for more than half the collection.

Featured in Art 1st, Episode 24, July 5th 2024. A pre-launch interview transcript is available as well.

Medium: JavaScript, SVG


May 2023, Edition of 1000

The Worm is a social experiment via smart contract - you can only only receive the Worm if the current holder ('Disciple') sends it to you. Over time, many people have helped it along it's journey to visit all Ethereum addresses.

In collaboration with Ambition, the creators of The Worm, "Us" is a gift to the first 1000 Disciples. Each piece uniquely depicts the time of that Disciple with The Worm and builds upon the previous pieces. What begins as a motley group grows into a small world and then a giant heart. Some pieces are animated based on blockchain data, reflecting those Disciples' further support of The Worm. The heart is also a reference to Worm x Brinkman, a gift to the first 100 Disciples by Bryan Brinkman.

Featured in Overpriced JPEGs, May 18, 2023 issue.

Medium: Solidity, SVG

Scribbled Daydreams

March 2023, Edition of 200 via Plottables and Art Blocks Engine

We've all been there... drifting off while we should be paying attention, allowing our hand the freedom to scribble away.

Designed to be plotted, Scribbled Daydreams is an exploration of the experience of unsupervised doodling. Each piece features a variety of patterns, each drawn in one color and repeated over and over to allow interesting forms to emerge. Additionally, each piece includes one random, mundane thought as the only trait.

A transcript of the pre-launch interview is available as well.

Medium: JavaScript, SVG

Infinite Scribble

December 2022, Open Edition of 4600+ and counting

Free and open to everyone, the Infinite Scribble is an experiment in mechanics. As long as someone mints within two weeks, it will stay available to those who want to mint in the future!

Pieces use vibrant generative palettes and employ a variety of doodling strategies. The doodles can be rendered as frosted, jagged, neon, blocky, outlined, among other effects, or combinations. They can be minted at a range of aspect ratios, and can also change the aspect ratio, on-chain afterwards, creating a new piece in the same style.

I hope it helps to spread the joy of generative art.

Medium: Solidity, SVG


February 2022, Edition of 205

An exploration of motion, Flow captures the continuous movement that you see as people, bikes, cars, and trains pass by each other, or as clouds move in the sky. Each piece continuously animates while maintaining the same look and never repeating.

The pieces are interactive, allowing the viewer to toggle layers, adjust speed and see the traits as part of the art. The pieces also work with my experimental exhibit feature (give it a try!).

Read more about Flow in my writeup.

Medium: JavaScript


October 2021, Edition of 277

Concentric rings oscillate and push against each other with fluid, lifelike motion that can evoke a gradually moving organism or a pulsing effect. These rings occasionally all align for a 'convergence'. The pieces are interactive and also work with my exhibit feature.

The palettes are generative, determined moving through the color space from a starting point and direction of travel. This allows for a wide range of possibilities. You can see this algorithm in action for any piece under Color Algorithm.

The name comes from extensive the use of sine waves. Learn more in my retrospective.

Medium: JavaScript, p5.js

If you like what I do, let's connect on Twitter, Farcaster or Discord.