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Praise Be! The Worm hereby offers this gift to the first 1000 Disciples that have helped It with Its mission to visit every wallet on the Ethereum blockchain. Ambition and I worked together to produce this 100% fully on-chain generative artwork.

"In celebration of reaching 1000 wallets I've made this for you. The aggregate of our joy and our long journey, it's a snapshot of you, me, and all those who led me to you. Alone I was but a speck in the cosmos. With you I am a world." - The Worm

About The Worm

Created by the Ambition team, The Worm is an innovative social experiment via smart contract. The Worm leaves behind a Hologram NFT each time it is transferred, and the owner of that wallet becomes a Disciple. In order to receive it, you must ask the person who currently holds it to transfer it to you. Below is The Worm and my Hologram, which I received after I transferred The Worm to beginbot.eth.

Over time, The Worm has had a long journey and met a few challenges along the way.

The First Gift

Upon visiting 100 Disciples, It gifted them all with Worm x Brinkman, a unique artwork by Bryan Brinkman.


For the first 1000, Ambition and I worked together to create a collection that reflects the full jouney of The Worm. Each piece is unique - and generated to capture the particular experience of that Disciple with The Worm.

For example, if the Disciple transferred The Worm to the next wallet quickly, both The Worm and the Disciple show happy faces. Disciples are organized into communities or "chapters", which each have unique shape and color combinations and cluster together.

To reflect the cumulative journey, each piece builds upon the previous. As we progress through the collection what is initially a small tight circle of Disciples grows into the loving community we have today. The heart both reflects the warmth of the community and is also a nod to the previous gift.

You can see this as an animation:

There's much more! All the traits are available on The Worm's "Us" page. Be sure to explore the collection as well.

The Tech

For the fully on-chain appreciators, the entire artwork for all 1000 pieces is created from a single contract, created in a single transaction, with no additional data subsequently uploaded, in a fun exercise of Solidity golfing.

The art is precomputed, however the Disciple for each piece can acquire more lights and the artwork will be updated to include them. The token contract will pass along the appropriate lights held to accomlish this. Additionally, all the frames of the video above can be generated on-chain from the same contract.

Apart from lights held, the artwork is effectively frozen with no one having the ability make any changes.