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Here is each mint's contribution to keeping Infinite Scribble open, rolled up by wallet. Read more

The next mint will extend Infinite Scribble by:

What's this?

Infinite Scribble would not have stayed open if it wasn't for all the people who helped by minting along the way. This is one way to highlight everyone that contributed.

Whether you minted just one or dozens, whether you extended the close time by minutes or days, I appreciate you. Thank you :)


For each Infinite Scribble mint, the time it extended the close is calculated as the mint time of that piece minus the mint time of the previous piece. It ignores any mints done by the contract owner, as those don't extend the clock.

They are then rolled up by either the current owner's wallet or the minters wallet, depending on what you choose.

You can see the individual mints by clicking on any row.